With the addition of four mouthwatering chicken varieties, Broths just got more enjoyabowl.

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"He couldn't eat it fast enough. He loved every bite and even wanted more." Current12

The Reviews Are In

So what’s the word on Broths? UnbelievABowl! Read on for more reviews or let us know what she loves most when you leave a review here.

"All three of my picky boys love these broths! All of the meat looks fresh and real. They literally lick the bowl dry." Julie 1980

"I love how fresh and how much quality goes into the ingredients. It smells like opening a can of real Tuna." Summergirl

"Their heads went into the bowls and didn't come up until their broth was gone. Then they switched dishes to check for more." Ohiocats

"When I opened the pouch he immediately started meowing and begging from the smell of the broth. I was happy to give him a cat food that is natural and full of flavor." vic0510

"He looks forward to each morning, knowing he will get a pouch. He even sits by his plate staring at me when he finishes his pouch, hoping I would give him more!" binkycat


Real, Recognizable Ingredients

Every pouch of Broths contains high-quality chicken or pieces of succulent seafood like tuna, mackerel, salmon or shrimp. Select varieties also include tender pieces of veggies including carrots, spinach, tomatoes or sweet potatoes.


Lappabowl. Loveabowl.

Each perfectly portioned, ready-to-pour pouch includes a variety of lickable tastes and textures cats are sure to love.

Choose between a delectable classic silky broth or a rich creamy broth with a touch of milk.


So many Broths. So little time.

Broths are available in 12 varieties, combining rich broths with chicken or seafood. Select pouches are even topped with veggies. Every combination is carefully crafted without by-products or fillers.

Wow Served Daily

Find out what goes into each serving of Broths.

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